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Someone once aptly said...

“A test is worth a thousand opinions!”

Some memorable SLTL projects:

  1. During the construction of the St. Louis, Missouri, Gateway Arch, St. Louis Testing Laboratories completed radiographic inspection of weld joints which hold the structure together. Several employees today still remember the excitement of working on this project from the ground to the top. More than 3000 radiographs were required to inspect the field welding process for weld integrity.

  2. Local state government used SLTL to complete analysis of drinking water from hundreds of cities state wide.

  3. Testing of the reentry face shields used by astronauts required special environment conditions.

  4. Medical instruments and implant materials have been the subject of mechanical and other testing methods.

  5. Three (3) inch thick steel to be used as a launch pad for the Federal space exploration was inspected by radiographic examination before installation.

  6. Failure analysis of baseball foul poles which had developed cracks kept our technicians in left field for a while.

  7. Ultrasonic examination of bolts used to secure the rails to concrete supports in the mass transit system.

  8. X-ray inspection of professional baseball bats helped to solve whether they were " weighted " or not ...well he was hitting a lot of home runs here! The manufactureres had an idea ....have them X-rayed!

  9. Food products often get contaminated with foreign substances and the laboratory has checked for these using X-ray and Chemical testing.

  10. Valuable Antiques ? Painting original / forgery ? Construction materials and methods used. We have helped several institutions and individuals determine the status of Art work including land mark statues in the St. Louis area.

  11. Gorilla Cages ... Will a newly designed cage hold a gorilla who escaped from a previous version. Here a mechanical test was worth a thousand opinions.

  12. Fighter aircraft were inspected to determine the integrity of canon lug mounts to see if cracks were developing.

  13. Commercial airliners and Private aircraft have been inspected routinely for air worthiness using non-destructive means.

  14. "Where's the beef" ......Testing for fat content in ground beef helped a company in Australia settle the issue of true value on a very large shipment.

  15. Golf club irons X-rayed for voids in the heads gave unexpected results are yours?

  16. Was the hull of a famous excursion boat thick enough ? Ultrasonic thickness gauging helped determine that it was not!

  17. A crack in a wing spar kept an airliner on the ground after our certified inspectors helped determine it's presence.

  18. The stories go on ....hundreds more .... maybe makes this an interesting place to work. Not many days are the same for most of our professionals.

The Company that Tested the St Louis Arch

The famous St. Louis Gateway Arch.

Admiral Casino Riverboat

The SS Admiral was an excursion steamboat operating between 1907 and 1979 on the Mississippi River from the Port of St. Louis, Missouri.

Photo Credit (Admiral): Richie Diesterheft

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